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 The Joanna Connor Band is a frequent attraction not only at leading blues nightspots but also as a featured act at major festivals in the USA and Canada.  Joanna has also developed a strong following in Europe, South America and Japan.  As a result of many overseas appearances, in Germany she became very popular after being featured several times on national television.

 Joanna Connor is a complete electric guitar package and vocalist extraordinaire.  She covers the range of modern blues, slide guitar and blues rock with her own compositions very much influenced by funk, rock, jazz and world music as well as delta blues.  Her sense of melody, phrasing and dynamics along with a very modern technique make her a very funky, soulful and compelling guitarist.  As for vocal abilities, if Joanna wasn't a guitarist, she could easily be a lead singer in any band.

 Joanna Connor Band has many CD's released during the years.  They can be found in major bookstores and top music stores.

 Joanna Connor Band has recently released 4 of her unique CD's.  Two are:  Live and Raw #1  and  Live and Raw #2             also the,  

Joanna Connor Band 15 Years of Top Hits.  and Rock N' Roll Gypsy


                     Live & Raw #1               Live & Raw #2  



                 15 Years of Top Hits          Rock N' Roll Gypsy



Joanna Connor CD's  $15.00 ea.  Plus S.& H.

(or 2 for $25.00 or all 4 for $40.00)

Shipping & Handling: $3.00 U.S. / $4.00 Canada / $5.00 Overseas 


Make checks out to: Joanna Connor


Send Orders To:

Joanna Connor

P.O.Box 1312

Northbrook,   IL.  60062  USA.


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